The Fali Nariman Poster / 2004

This job began as an article for a magazine meant for diabetic patients on the mailing list for a brand called Amaryl (glimepiride) from Sanofi Aventis, way back in 2004. We were meant to interview both patients who hadn’t been taking their medicines properly (and suffered the consequences) and patients who were compliant and therefore “healthy”.

Fali Nariman, a relative of the marketing manager, was a patient of the first type. He didn’t say a word, but his silence was eloquent. All the facts about his past were supplied by his wife. 

Disasters make for more interesting news than business as usual, and the article on the second type of patient didn’t quite make it to the publication stage. But this one did. It came out in the magazine, and was also used as a poster for doctors' waiting rooms.